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About TopDollarMobile

TopDollarMobile it’s a part of a global group company, renowned on mobile phone recycling and re-use mobiles. The established worldwide sales and distribution capacitates the company, TopDollarMobile, to execute at the top of the market. Therefore, they are able to gain the most competitive price value for their customers.

After years of hard working, Top Dollar Mobile has become UK’s first trusted website were to sell old mobile phones and were to recycle them. All that is required on this page to do so, is to settle on a particular handset and complete your personal details.

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First of all, as we said before it’s a reliable website where individuals can sell their used phones and get cash back in a short period of time. This is the main reason why is so popular among people, but this isn’t the only motivation, the site has a great reputation of quality service delivery which it’s quite important for new customers that want to join this incredible Internet page.

How to order on and how to get special offers is easy to navigate, in fact, a customer can easily find information on whatever matter he needs. You can either sell your phone just by filling out a form with all your details and opening an account on the page or you can order a mobile phone by adding your item in the shopping basket.

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